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September 12, 2018

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Taking Hand Me Down Donations to a Hair Raising Level

    Making donations of outgrown clothing is a pretty common practice. After all, an outgrown shirt won't magically grow larger, so why not help others while adding space?
    So, using that mentality, it seems that donating hair when you've overgrown it would make sense, right? Well...sure....if you can grow out at least 8" of hair and follow other rules depending on the organization's requirements. Some don't allow permed. Some think bleaching is a nono.
    This story has been months in the making. Seriously. Just when we are ready to roll with it, something else came up. Luckily, all who shortened their hair still have short hair. Whew! This story started with a story on 2 people and has now grown to 4 people.
    Danbury Catholic student Ainslee Doty, daughter of Megan and Jeremy Doty of Danbury had been wanting to donate her hair for many months and wanted to find an organization that didn't charge the recipients of the wigs they made. In the end, Ainslee and her parents decided on the organization Children with Hair Loss. She's been growing her hair out since August of 2014. That August was also the first time she had donated her cut hair.
    "I wanted to donate my hair because some kids don't have any and I don't need mine," Ainslee maturely said.
    Ainslee has been wanting shorter hair for a while, so on June 4, she had it chopped off. Nine inches was taken off.
    One of the reasons donating her hair is so important to Ainslee is that there's a chance of Ainslee's hair will be used to make a wig for her identical twin sister, Kylee. Kylee was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of 2013 and lost all of her hair due to the treatment. Over the last five years, it still hasn't grown back properly.
    After Ainslee cut her hair, her mom posted a picture of it on Facebook. Molly Petersen, daughter of Vickie and Marvin Buettner of Anthon and wife of Eric Petersen of Danbury saw the post. She had also been growing her hair out for about two years and had been thinking about cutting her hair all winter. Molly did her own research into the organization. Like Ainslee, Molly decided that the group was a good one. Although Molly believes that approximately 8" of donated hair was removed from her head.
    Emily Grell, daughter of Jamey and Anna Grell of Danbury, decided she, too, would cut and donate her hair. This was Emily's first time donating her hair. She had been growing her hair out since she was seven. Her sister, Amanda, thought Emily should think about it. With the nudging of her sister, Emily decided she wanted to be able to help kids who didn't have any hair, like one of her neighbor friends who was undergoing chemo treatment at the time. Shortly before her eighth birthday, Emily began growing her hair out.
    As the years went by, Emily's hair got longer, and heavier, and hotter. Now, a few weeks shy of three years later, Emily was able to cut off and donate ten inches of hair. Her hair now brushes her shoulders, instead of hanging down her back. Emily donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which has a length requirement of only eight inches.
    Some of the things Emily looks forward to with her brand new shoulder-length hair include finally being able to have it curled by her older sister who wouldn't curl it when it was over twelve inches long and being able to take care of her hair on her own.
    Yes, this article has a teeny tiny twist to it. Kylee, daughter of Megan and Jeremy Doty of Danbury has not been able to grow her hair back since beating cancer back in 2014. Her own hair is very slowly returning, but the girl was ready for something she could braid and style. Her parents helped her apply for a hair piece from Children with Hair Loss on August 22nd. Last Friday she surprised her peers with long hair at school. Children with Hair Loss asked if Kylee had any preferences, and her only wish was for long hair.
    Kylee excitedly exclaimed, "I love it!" Her teacher had commented that Kylee loves swinging here locks.
    They made everything so easy and were so fast with sending Kylee's hair. The hairpiece is beautiful. What they (Children with Hair Loss) do for kids is amazing," said Megan.
    It takes approximately 50 donations to complete one hair piece. Chances are that Kylee's new piece doesn't include any from Ainslee this time. However, she can receive a replacement every year until she's 21 so perhaps a later one will include actual sister strands.
    Zoe Jessen contributed to parts of this story. Photos submitted by loved ones.

Clausen, Blitz Qualify for National National PD1 Trials in Alabama

    On August 6th and 7th 2018 Mapleton Police Chief Jared Clausen and K9 Blitz traveled to Des Moines for the 2018 USPCA Region 21 Patrol Dog 1 (PD1) trials. There were several dogs that competed from across Iowa and Minnesota in 5 categories: Obedience, Agility, Evidence Search, Suspect Search and Criminal Apprehension. Both the Handler and the Dog are scored in each category to give an overall score.
    Chief Clausen and K9 Blitz received a score of 691.50 out of a possible 700 points across every category and took home Overall First Place for the 2018 USPCA Region 21 PD1 Trials. Chief Clausen qualified to participate in the 2018 National PD1 trials to be held in Huntsville, Alabama September 17th-21st 2018.
    Chief Clausen and his teammates Nicholas Bauerly (Monona County Sheriff's Office), Mark Reed (LeMars Police Department) and Jake Wingert (Plymouth County Sheriff's Office) won 3rd Place Team overall.

And Then Power Faded to Nothing

    At approximately 12:50 a.m. on Wednesday, September 5th most people were snoozing in Danbury. Those who were awake suddenly noticed a large reduction in power. Many who were asleep woke up do to strange changes in their environments. People witnessed ceiling fans that went from full power to hardly any power, battery back ups beeping, strange clicking noises from electronics trying to maintain on a major drop in power, appliances that actually turned on, and other strange things. The street lights flashed on and off like someone was flipping switch constantly. The entire experience was very unsettling.
    Around 3:30 the power returned just long enough to become noticable and again to wake some people up because of a change in their sleep sounds. Seconds later - the brown out became a total power outage. The outage even seemed to silence the crickets on this evening. Those who like complete darkness were in heaven. Those who like to be able to see a little - not so much.
    While we had been having storms earlier in the evening, at the time of the brown out there was no lightning, just gentle rain.
    According to Geoff Greenwood, Media Relations Manager at MidAmerican Energy, crews checked a local substation and determined that a piece of equipment that protects the system from lightning strikes had failed. Employees made a temporary repair and restored power around 6:25 a.m. A more permanent fix is in the works.

Final Queen Esther Order of Eastern Star Meeting to be Held

    Worthy Matron Debra Hahn and Worthy James Alexander are pleased to announce the next and last session of Queen Esther Chapter No. 222 Order of the Eastern Star will be held Tuesday, September 18th,


Open Cupboard September 19th

    The Open Cupboard & Food Bank of Siouxland Inc. Mobil Food Pantry distribution will be Wednesday, September 19th at 4:00 p.m. at the Mapleton Community Center. Bring your own bags,boxes,clothes baskets & containers to


Dirksen Celebrates 90th With a "Few" Family Members

    Rita Dirksen's family held an open house birthday celebration for her on July 29th at the Leon and Sandy Venteicher farm. Attendees didn't have to worry about feeling


Boyle Chosen for Youth Salute

    Fifty-five high school juniors from 37 high schools in the greater Omaha- Council Bluffs area are being recognized in this year's "Youth Salute". The Awards Ceremony will be held in their honor on Sunday, September 16th at Bellevue


Danbury Clean Up Days September 14-15

    Danbury's clean up days are scheduled for Friday, September 14th and Saturday, September 15th.
    A container will be placed in the maintenance shed on Second Street. Someone will be at the shed from


Letter to the Editor

    I represent Senator Grassley in 19 counties in NW Iowa, including Woodbury. Part of my job is to hold an annual open meeting, a traveling office hour, in each county to take opinions about the issues of the day and to help Iowans who


Child Obesity

By: Angie Frank, BSN, RN, Education Nurse
    Obesity is a major concern in the United States. - we are one of the most obese countries in the world. Sadly childhood obesity is also prominent in the United States. September


Krohn Recipient of Heart of Flame Award at YMCA Camp

    Katy Krohn, daughter of Judi and Roger Krohn of Mapleton; and granddaughter of John and the late Dolly Arndt of Castana was a "Heart of the Flame Award" recipient at Camp Foster YMCA Camp of the Okobojis


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