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March 25, 2020

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School District Helps Feed the Students During School Closure

Rachel Allen receives sack breakfasts and lunches for her and her
siblings at the Danbury location. Giving out the meals is John Stoll.
    It all started with one or two sick people. Those sick people got more people sick. They got more people sick and so on and so on. The sickness spread and spread. In a matter of weeks the sickness enveloped China and began spreading to other countries. As it was slowing down in China, it has been speeding up in the U.S.
    In an effort to slow down the virus, the different states in the nation have been giving guidelines to groups, organizations, businesses, and the general public. The vast majority of the states either had closed schools, were planning to close schools after Spring Break, or encouraged distance learning, as they called it. The state of Iowa closed all schools until April 13th. At that time the governor will re-evaluate the situation and decide if a longer closure is in the state's best interest.
    This effort to keep people from sharing the germs causes other issues. Many families have both parents or the single parent still working, meaning the students are now either latchkey kids or at a relative's house or at a daycare. Some are at home with their parent(s) who suddenly are/is also forced from work, leaving less paycheck to pay the bills. Many still have a need for the meals that they received at school. Suddenly, their breakfast and lunch meals may be slim to none.
    "It's amazing how one little bug can make a big problem in the entire world," commented John Stoll. The MVAO custodian had volunteered to help the head cook (who happens to be his wife, Lana) distribute lunches during the closure.
    In an effort to combat this issue, the MVAO School District is distributing breakfast and lunch brown bags in Danbury, Mapleton, Castana, Anthon, and Oto from 9:30 until 11:30 every weekday. The free service is for all children regardless of financial status.
    "It's nice for the kids to be able to walk down and grab a sack lunch and breakfast," said Megan Doty, a mother of 4. With both her and her husband, Jeremy working some days, their oldest son gets to play babysitter in their Danbury home, and making meals is one less thing for him to worry about. "I'm glad that our community was included in the plan."
    No matter the town in which you live, please consider taking advantage of this wonderful program. In Danbury, the distribution is outside Danbury Catholic School. Just look for the school van. In Mapleton, go to the west door of the high school. In Castana and Oto, the van will be at the post office. In Anthon, please go to the main door. You are able to take both breakfast and lunch at the same time.

Going on a Bear Hunt

    Egg hunts are looming in the future. Parents are hunting for things to keep kids occupied and to have some time out and about without being amongst others. How about a bear hunt!
    Participating is easy. Simply place stuffed bears (or other animals) in a window or two in your home. Families then drive around searching for the bears. Some people also post that they have bears watching for kids on Facebook, an option if available.
    Join the hunt, either by displaying animals, hunting for animals, or both.

Teacher Parade Friday

    School has been out for over a week. People are getting cabin fever. The nice weather has allowed people to get out to play, but the new normal is lacking something. Social contact. People are missing their friends. Teachers are also missing their "kids." How to help the separation anxiety a little? Throw a parade!
    The MVAO Elementary Mapleton center will be holding a teacher parade on Friday. The parade will cover the three main towns in that particular center's area.
    The parade will be going through all the streets in Castana at 10:00,. They will then hit the streets in Mapleton around 10:30. Danbury is the final route at around noon.
    What's the parade route? Nearly every street in each town! The parade won't be able to go on any dead end streets, so if you live on a street with no outlet (in Danbury that would be each street west of Thomas Street) please stay a social distance from others on a different street or corner.
    Live in the country but want to enjoy the parade? Please come to town to wave at the parade entries!
    The teachers can't wait to see their students!

Rockdaschel Takes the Reins as Danbury City Clerk

    Stacy Rockdaschel has shortened her commute time to work as she is now living in the same town as she works. Stacy took over as Danbury City Clerk on Thursday, March 19th. She replaces Brooke Kafton who resigned in February.
    Stacy said that so far she is learning a lot about her job but is enjoying this new position.
    Stacy and her husband, Kris moved to Danbury nearly 2 years ago. The couple has two children, Finnley who is 8 years old, and Avarie who is 2 years old.

City Hall Open But Also Closed

    Due to the Coronavirus, the city of Danbury is abiding by the recommendations of the CDC, IDPH, SDHD, Federal and State governments and have decided to keep city hall closed until it is safe to reopen. The clerk will maintain regular hours, so you may call city hall at 883-2431 if you need anything. As always, water bills and other items can be dropped off in the green box outside city hall.
    Council meetings will be available to the public via Zoom. Information will be on the city's Facebook page or email to receive the link.
    We appreciate for your understanding during this time. Please continue to stay safe and healthy.

No Community Club Meeting

    Due to the COVID-19 restrictions of gatherings of no more than 10 people, the Danbury Community Club meeting schedule for next week has been cancelled.

Danbury Clean Up Days April 17th and 18th

    Danbury's clean up days are scheduled for Friday, April 17th and Saturday, April 18th.
    A container will be placed in the maintenance shed on Second Street, and times to deposit your worn out


St. Mary's Church Renovation Update

    Well, it's kind of same old, same old; but the same old, same old is very wonderful looking and far from old. The details continue to take time as details tend to do. After all, it's a big building with lots of windows


Lenten/Holy Week Information

Maundy Thursday, April 9
    Ticonic UMC    7:00pm
    Danbury United Methodist Church    7:30pm
Good Friday, April 10
    Anthon UMC   


Iowa Insurance Division, SHIIP and SMP Available to Assist Iowans

    Des Moines – The Iowa Insurance Division is reminding Iowans that staff and volunteers with the Iowa Insurance Division, the Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) and Senior


Iowa Department of Revenue to extend filing and payment deadline for income tax and other tax types

    DES MOINES (March 19, 2020) - The Iowa Department of Revenue extended the filing and payment deadline for several state tax types, including income tax. The


Second Woodbury County COVID-19 Case Confirmed

    A case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been confirmed in a second resident of Woodbury County. The individual is an older adult male (61-80 years) and is recovering at home. Siouxland District Health Department


Treasurer's Office Issues New Procedures

    Due to Coronavirus restrictions and concerns for our customers and employee's health the following procedures will take affect Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Woodbury County Treasurers office will no longer be open for


Sheriff's Office Implements New Procedures to Comply with Recommendations

    In order to comply with the recommendations for social distancing as a result of COVID-19, the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office has implemented new guidelines regarding the way we conduct


Sioux City Hospitals and Surgery Centers postpone non-urgent procedures and surgeries

    SIOUX CITY, IA: - MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center, UnityPoint Health-St. Luke's, Dunes Surgical Hospital, and Pierce Street Same Day Surgery, announced they would postpone


First Security Bank Announces COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts

Banks Will Remain Open

    Todd Sadler, President of First Security Bank, announced the bank will continue to be open and maintain the same hours. However, the bank has instituted some mitigation efforts


Consider Donating Personal Protective Equipment to Assist in COVID-19 Response

    In preparation for COVID-19, the Ida County Healthcare Coalition is encouraging Iowa businesses and organizations to donate extra personal protective equipment (PPE) to assist



Monday, March 23, 2020, 7:00 PM
MVAOCOU High School Library, Mapleton, Iowa

PRESENT: Wimmer, Kennedy, Schram, and Streck; Mead via speakerphone
President Wimmer called the meeting to


Midwestern Land & Auction's Operation for Auction sales and the COVID-19 Public Policies

    First and foremost, our operations to provide our services will continue, but with public safety for the common good as a top priority. We will comply with all recognized


Pate Reschedules Woodbury County Special Election for July 7

    DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is rescheduling upcoming special elections in Black Hawk, Plymouth and Woodbury counties for Tuesday, July 7, in response to the ongoing COVID-19


Letter From a Reader

Have Questions about Real Meat Ask a Farmer

    Agriculture, in Iowa, is one of the main economic drivers in our state with beef being a significant force in that equation. Animal agriculture employs, directly and indirectly, thousands in


The Schultz Perspective

by Senator Jason Schultz
    The COVID-19 virus has disrupted the lives of Iowans and all of America in a way we haven't seen in decades. As we find ourselves in a new world, it is important not to assume the worst.


Proposed Maple Valley-Anthon Oto School Budget Summary


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