Treasure Island Baseball Network Affiliates

    Have you ever been traveling in a car or were just away from home and wanted to listen to the Twins game on the radio? Well, you can go find the Treasure Island Baseball Network web site and try to find a station but how do you tell which one to try unless you are actually in one of the listed cities? Well, here is a handy tool to help you pick the most probable radio stations. Just allow this site to access your location and it will display several of the closest radio stations.

Checking dependencies . . .

Disclaimer: This is a utility to assist in locating optimal radio stations. Its usefulness depends on the accuracy of the location information that it receives. Since this information depends on a number of factors, there are no guarantees as to the accuracy of the results. There are also no adjustments made to the calculations due to radio transmitter power, geography, etc. It is strictly based on linear distance between the current determined location and the pre-determined locations of the radio stations. Radio station location may be based on actual transmitter location or by city location.