Beginning in April of 2023, we made the choice to remove all service-based ads from our web site. We may still have a few ads now and then, but they will be locally served, for local businesses, and will not deploy any tracking cookies.

We had originally deployed service-based ads with the intent to offset some of the costs of hosting the web site, since we host it for our own use as well as other organizations around Danbury, without requesting any payment, although we do have some generous contributors.

Although our original intent was to display a few ads that were not intrusive or distracting, the new styles and methods were becoming more intrusive and distracting than we would like, and the minuscule revenue did nothing to offset the unwelcome changes. Because of this, we have decided to drop all ads and instead offer a way for supporters to donate.

If you would like to support our site, use the form to the right to begin the process, or the direct page links below. You may make a one-time donation of as little as $1 or you can set up a recurring donation for long-term support. Payment options include using a PayPal account, Venmo, or a Credit/Debit card through a PayPal checkout.

Thank you for your generous support. If you would like to leave comments but do not wish to donate, you can e-mail them to us here.