Announcements for September 26, 2022

City News - 2022-09-06


Effective immediately the water tower is offline for painting and maintenance. Weather dependent, the project should last 3-5 weeks. The City of Danbury is working closely with the DNR and the contractor, and closely monitoring; to make sure that the quality of water is maintained during this period. Having the tower offline means that there is a higher possibility of a Bottled Water Advisory because there is no reserve water on standby in the tower meaning that any equipment failure, serious water leak, or power outage is more likely to cause a pressure loss in the system. If a pressure loss does occur, with nitrates present; we will most likely be under a Bottled Water Advisory rather than a Boil Water Advisory. This is because the act of boiling water does not remove nitrates, rather it increases their concentration as water is evaporated. Because of this, the city recommends that everyone have a 1-week supply of drinking water on hand. We have taken every precaution to avoid a pressure loss and hope to make it through this period without one; however, equipment failures or a power loss are out of our control.