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Shea Inspired by Friend to Grow Out, Donate Hair

    People instinctively would do almost anything for a friend. Make a meal for a sick friend. Drop off groceries. Drop in to see how they are doing or give them a call. You get it.
    Kristen Shea didn't do something for a friend, but she did something because of a friend.
    When Kristen was a second grader, first grader Kylee Doty was recovering from an aggressive brain tumor. The treatment was also very aggressive. The daughter of Megan and Jeremy Doty was the victor over the tumor. Unfortunately, the treatment not only did a number on the tumor, it also did a number on Kylee's hair.
    Kristen, being just a second grader, didn't have much options to help her friend. She didn't have resources to give a monetary donation to her. She could bake something with the help of her mom, Nicole. But she was too young to drive to see Kylee. She had to rely on her parents, Nicole and Sean to get her places from their rural Danbury home. But there was something she could do. It would take a bit of time, but it required no money and would help other kids like Kylee. She began growing out her hair.
    "I donated it to Children With Hair Loss," said the twelve year old. "I donated my hair there because Kylee Doty uses that place."
    According to their website, Children With Hair Loss is a non-profit organization that provides human hair replacements at no cost to children and young adults facing medically-related hair loss. When a child's hair is lost due to cancer treatments, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns, etc., the painful effects are far deeper than just cosmetic. Each year, the number of children requesting our hair replacements increases."
    The organization accepts donations of hair made in braids or ponytails. The minimum length of each donation is 8" but any size and any type of hair is accepted. Kristen far exceeded the minimum, giving braids longer than 12" to the organization. These braids, cut on September 12th by Jane Ingram will be combined with other donations to create a wig for a child who needs a hair lift because of medical issues.
    More information on Children With Hair Loss can be found at

MidAmerican to Trim Trees Around Power Lines

    In order to provide the city of Danbury with safe and reliable electric service, contracted tree trimming crews working for MidAmerican Energy Company will be clearing tree limbs from our electric facilities in your community. This work is scheduled to begin within the next few weeks.
    At least 14 days prior to moving into the neighborhoods, all affected properties will be notified by mail. Approximately two days prior to trimming, all affected properties will receive a courtesy telephone call. Immediately before work begins, crews will knock on the door of the affected property and explain what work is needed.
    If you desire more information about vegetation management at MidAmerican Energy, you may send an e-mail or call toll free 1-888-427-5632.

A Dog's Life (in the field)

    The great harvest is for more than humans. Some farm workers are smaller, furrier, and bark.
    Jillian and Steve Ortner's dog Scotch has joined the Ortner crew in the fields this harvest season. His job? To watch intently and make sure the humans don't miss any corn. Scotch may bark orders at the humans, but they tend to use their experience to decide if they should paws their work to listen and obey or ignore their furry helper. After a long day of field work, the humans may claim to be dog tired. Scotch literally is dog tired and looks forward to dreaming of the next harvest adventures.
    Yes, Scotch has a pretty ruff life helping out the humans. A dog-gone ruff life.


    Above, Scotch sits perched on the tractor and intently watching the humans harvest the corn.
    To the right, The tractor and wagon meet up with the semi to move over the corn while the sun sets in the background.
    Photos by Jillian Ortner. Thanks, Jillian!

When is Trick or Treating?

    The question has begun being asked to us: When is Danbury having trick or treating this year?
    The city council has established that trick or treating will be from 6:00 until 8:00 on Halloween night (October

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Soldier To Start After-School 4-H

    Soldier community leaders are starting an after-school club at the Soldier Library. The first meeting will be October 27 beginning around 4:00 p.m., after the school bus arrives back from Charter Oak. Youth in Kindergarten

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Bomgaars Ladies Night

    For the past five years, Bomgaars has held a Ladies Night in the Fall/Winter. During this one evening, 5% of the total sales is donated to cancer centers/hospitals in the communities we serve. In our first year, we were able to donate

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Boyle, Kafton Hit Blood Donation Milestones

    For over 15 years, Danbury and surrounding communities have been supporting the local blood bank, LifeServe Blood Center, at the Danbury community blood drive. The blood drive was held this past Wednesday, October

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3D Mammography Available at Horn Memorial Hospital

    Mammograms take images of breast tissue to determine the presence of abnormalities, including lumps. Women may undergo traditional, 2D mammograms, but increasingly many healthcare facilities, including Horn

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Connections Area Agency to Hold Caregiver Event

    November 2021 is National Family Caregiver Month. Caring for another individual can be challenging and rewarding and has been especially hard during Covid-19. Join Connections Area Agency on Aging virtually

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Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report

October 11th - 17th

    DES MOINES, Iowa (Oct. 18, 2021) – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig commented today on the Iowa Crop Progress and Condition report released by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics

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Weather Summary

Provided by Justin Glisan, Ph.D., State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
    Near-normal to wetter than average conditions were reported statewide as multiple low pressure systems brought

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    The regular September meeting of the Danbury City Council was called to order by Mayor Pro Tem Simmons at 7:04 PM on October 12, 2021. Council members Scholl, Allen, Boyle, Weber,

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