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MVAO FFA SAE Spotlight - Camric Hamann?

    A supervised agricultural experience (SAE) is required for all FFA members and serves as a great way to apply classroom principles in the real world. The SAE project gives students the ability to explore their career interests both inside and outside the classroom.
    Camric Hamann has 2 SAE projects which are placement and entrepreneurship. Placement is where you have a job and either keep track of what you get paid and how many hours or unpaid hours. For this project, over each summer for the past four years, he has worked on his family farm. For the entrepreneurship project he has cared for a cow/calf pair. The cow just had twins. His cow-calf pair falls under entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship SAEs involves personally owning all or part of an enterprise in agriculture or a related area. He chose these SAE projects because he needed a job so he worked on the farm and wanted to learn how to do a lot of jobs on the farm. Some valuable lessons he learned from doing his SAE was the value of hard work and how to earn and manage money.
    Camric also serves the MVAO FFA as Chapter Sentinel.
MVAO FFA Chapter Reporter,
    Katie Brenner
MVAO FFA Chapter Reporter,
    Ashley Rosener
Photo Credit: Dawson Gress