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Final Reading Celebration Held at MVAO Elementary - Mapleton

    Students in the MVAO Elementary - Mapleton building - attended their final Reading Celebration of the year.
    The Kindergarten classes shared a poem titled Five Little Sandcastles. Mrs. Oberreuter announced the reading awards from the library and the classrooms. Then the top books that were voted to be painted onto our ceiling in the library were announced. We hope to do this project over the summer.
    To wind up the assembly, the students who received their birthday books during the 4th quarter were recognized and there was a short discussion about where and what kinds of things we could read over the summer.
    Photos submitted by Mrs. Oberreuter. Thanks, Angie!

    Front: Myles Mohr, Makenzii Mayo, Adele Smallwood, Kenna Witzel, Troy Wolf, Parker Hanson, Lyle Kelm, Ezra Schaffer and Kinzlie Zimmerman.
    Middle: Carmen Schaffer, Katie McConeghey, Weston Scheer, Lily Brenden, Kinley Goslar, Violet Petersen, Joseph Gain and Camden Tisdale.
    Back: Bailey Kuhlman, Brynlee Hieber, Liam Uhl, Beau Maack, Wyatt Jones, Graham LeFebvre, Ashley Brown, Charlotte Adkins, Allie Kaufman, Schalee Schrader and Joanna Gain.
    Missing from photo: Aurora Ingram, Hazel Racobs and Maria Francavilla

    Front: Mayra Ingram, Rose Wolf, Hunter Koerselman, Lane Gran, Jacob Zawodny, Elizabeth Zawodny, Katy McConeghey, Harper Schrader, Logan Vennink, Audrey Hieber, Will Hamman, Ryker Christianson, McKayla Zimmerman and Nash Neddermeyer.
    Second row: Charlotte Wimmer, Addy Ingram, Avarie Rockdaschel, Lyle Kelm, Max Kelm, Garrett Brown, John Sass, Schalee Schrader, Isaac Kuczler, Jaylee King, Zane Brown, Pennaelopi Bonnes, Joanna Gain and Xavier Schaffer.
    Third row: Camden Tisdale, Camrie Dose, Frederick Tirevold, Henry Kelm, Addison Schrader, Hayden Spaulding, Bodie Uhl, Weston Scheer, Morgan Comes, Carmen Schaffer and Faith Smizer.
    Fourth row: Leo Dirksen, Miles Maynard, Liam Uhl, Vivian Scholl, Koda Witzel, Liam Witzel, Kenna Witzel and Taylynn Comstock.
    Missing from Birthday picture: Maria Francavilla, Aurora Ingram, Rylan LeFebvre, and Emmet Tisdale.

Final Reading Celebration Held at MVAO Elementary - Anthon

    The MVAO Elementary - Anthon - students held their final Reading Celebration.
    Kindergarten and first grade presented some fun poems to the group. We then talked about different places we might read over the summer and some books that the students are looking forward to reading.
    Mrs. Oberreuter announced the reading awards from the library and acknowledged the students who received their birthday books during the fourth quarter.
    Photos submitted by Mrs. Oberreuter. Thanks, Angie!

MVAOCOU Music Honors

    The last half of school brings the culmination of many events in the school. Programs come to an end with their competitions, and honors are awarded to deserving groups and individuals.
    Such is the case in the music program. Multiple honor choirs and bands combine the cream of the crop from multiple schools to create larger bands with tons of talent.
    Here are MVAOCOU music members who have earned honors but have not been acknowledged during the school year.
    Photos not taken in the school are courtesy of Mr. Kovarna. Thanks, Dave!

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